Weight Loss Naturally

by admin on November 4, 2010

Weight Loss the Natural way

Many  weight loss products and pills available in the market  promise miraculous results. Many of these products  contain ingredients that  have  negative impact on one’s health. The ingredients in green tea also cause burning of calories but without any apparent negative result. Green tea fat burner is time tested to cause fat loss and weight loss in a safer way.

The  fat burner is basically made from the dried leaves of green tea and these are not fermented to minimize oxidation. The polyphenols, which are found in large amounts in green tea, work as the fat burners. The fat burners can be mixed in the usual tea to successfully reduce weight.  The synthesized food in the body is called triglyceride and this triglyceride in large proportions changes into fat and this in turn results in  morbid obesity.  The polyphenols in green tea  activate specific enzymes that cause dissolution of triglyceride and this in turn limits fat absorption and burning of the fat.

It is observed that weight loss is accelerated after consumption of green tea fat burner because the catechin polyphenols stimulate the metabolism. The EGCg content in the green tea tends to stimulate the nervous system and this releases fat in the blood stream which is then used as fuel. This process is called Thermogenesis. It provides extra energy to the body, burns body fat and removes the excess water from the tissues.

The role that exercise plays in weight can not be over stressed. Exercise helps individuals in burning calories and get slimmer. Green tea fat burner in fact acts as an aid in exercise with increased energy and it also helps to exercise for longer periods of time. The epigallocatechin gallate content is particularly responsible for the weight loss and individuals having green tea with this content lose more amount of weight as compared to the tea that does not have this ingredient.

Approximately five cups of green tea every day can lead to burning of 70 to 80 calories, help in burning fat and losing weight. It also helps in resolving problems related to higher blood pressure and cancer (4% increase in the metabolism). Green tea can also improve the immunity of individuals and control the cholesterol levels.

Every good thing can have bad side effects. There is not much in record about the side effects of green tea. An individual taking green tea fat burner should seek medical guidance about the compatibility of green tea fat burner with the medication he/she may be taking.

It is always safer to consult a doctor in advance than be sorry later!  Take your green tea fat burners after consulting a doctor!

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mahesh January 18, 2014 at 8:34 AM

how to use green tea ?
how meny time drink tea in day?
take drinking hot or cold ?


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