Top 10 Killer Tips to Assist Your Weight Loss Goal

by admin on September 2, 2012


If you are into any weight loss program, congratulations!

Your weight loss program would have its own food program and work out schedule. You must make a very strong commitment to that. But there are certain general things which you must observe in order to make your specific program a success. Why? Well, the generals are the fundamentals. You have to observe those to make your body function well in normal conditions. When you are going to add something new such as a new food program or some weight loss exercise schedule, you put your body system into a short term stress. It is important that under such stressful conditions you keep the fundamentals right to reap the best out of your weight loss program.


1. Drinking plenty of water is the single most important factor which influences your body functioning. Our body undergoes countless physiological process every moment to sustain the best condition. Those are called anabolism and metabolism. In this process body creates many types of toxins which are to be excreted effectively to keep the body tissue in proper working conditions. When our body is in hydrated condition, it dissolves these toxins and excretes those out. So, consume 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday at regular intervals.

Frequent Feeding:

2. Heavy meals up to the level of bloating not only create discomfort it also produces inertia and lethargy. In terms of long term health such eating habit patterns creates weight gain and poor metabolism. So, to remain active and to enjoy good health you must make a habit of eating 4 to 5 smaller to mid sized meals in a day. It is far better than having 3 huge meals, because it is easier for our body to assimilate small meals and use them for the energy requirement of the day.  Any larger meals are used for storage purposes, so it increases the weight in long run.

Use smaller food bowls or plates, it ensures that the size of your meals small to medium.

Balanced diet:

3. Always include the five different food types such as carbs, fats, protein, minerals, and vitamins and phyto-nutrients in your food. Food should be palatable but  it should also fulfill the daily energy requirement of the body.

4. If you cook your own food, you can ensure that all the food elements are included. If you have to skip the mid-day meal at home, then carry home cooked food to your work place. This is a good idea to maintain food discipline. The money you save can be used to buy quality food supplements.

5. Never be afraid of carbohydrates intake. Your body needs them for your day-to-day energy requirements. Instead use good quality cards such as from whole wheat breads, brown rice etc.

6. To reduce fat storage and to build muscle your body needs protein. Good quality protein helps in better metabolism, so use sprouted grams, lentils, alfalfa seeds etc. White of eggs, fish, chicken, low fat milk, and green beans also give high quality proteins. When on a work out, consume plenty of these.

7. Cut down on sugar and creamy food such as ice creams and other such food products. They keep your blood pressure and heart healthy.

8. Green coffee bean extracts or green tea extracts are a good source of anti-oxidants. They also help in increasing the body metabolic rate and fat burning.

Healthy Eating Habit:

9. Consume a good quantity of  fruits, salads, and vegetables. They keep your stomach satisfied and also help in burning fat. The phyto-nutrients from these  food sources help you in countering stress and free radicals from pollution.

10. Eat slowly and chew your food well.  It aids in the digestion of carbs. Carbohydrates are partially digested in the mouth with help of saliva. Secondly, we take around 20 minutes to sense the level of fullness of our belly. So, eat meaningfully and eat with a plan.

These 10 tips will not only help you in achieving your weight loss goal, it will help you in maintaining good health also.

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