How to Brew Herbal Tea

by admin on December 3, 2015

For an enjoyable cup of herbal tea, all you need is a single herb. But, if you want something very special, you can try to blend few more to bring  subtle variations to the original herbal flavor.

herbal tea brewing

Blending herbs is  a serious business. Certain herbal mixtures can turn up to be toxic.   If you want to take up wild blending, it’s wise you do some research before hand. Otherwise, you can adhere to accepted combination of herbs and stay alive to enjoy another cup in the future.

How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Herbal Tea

You can use the common tea as base herb and then add something extra.

Some people love tea so much that they can’t  brew any herbal tea without it. If you are one among those, you can use ginger, lemon, stevia, lemon grass and few others with the common tea.

You can use a single or combination of herbs without common tea.  I assure you, you can make herbal tea without Camellia sinensis.

If you are more open to different herbal aroma, you can try your herbal tea brew without the common tea as base. You can use leaves, roots, and bark of popular herbs to get a fine cup of decoction. The mantra is to experiment. You can try that luke-warm or iced, depending upon season and the occasion.

Try honey, stevia, or favorite sweetener.

I’ve collected some good articles over the web which have something to offer to make your cup of herbal tea special. Go through them.


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