Green Tea Weight Loss Tips

by admin on October 26, 2010

Weight Loss Tips for Green Tea Lovers

Are you on a green tea weight loss Program? Then the following tips will be of added advantage.

Drink plenty of water

Pure water is a great detoxifier.  Water contributes to more than 70% of our body weight and is the medium of transportation in the body. Taking plenty of water helps in better conveyance of assimilated food and nutrients to each cell and carrying back body toxins from there to the excretory organs.

Taking iced water occasionally helps in consuming excess calories. This energy is consumed to heat up the water to normalize its temperature. However, we should not take it just after exercise, as it will have adverse effect on health.

Do exercise regularly

If on a weight loss program, it is advisable to go for exercise to get some real result. Though there are some wonder drugs which can bring down weight very fast, it is advisable not to go for it without exercise. Losing weight in a natural way is safer and more lasting, where as very fast weight loss by a drug is temporary and in most cases harmful.

Sporadic spells of rigorous exercising is mentally intimidating and physically taxing, so be regular in exercising. Slow and steady wins the race.

Take  4  to 5  cups of green tea per day on an average

We should use it with moderation to achieve long term weight loss targets as it helps gradually. Green tea is not a very fast acting diet for losing weight, so restrict your daily quota to 4 to 5 cups on an average. All natural things show result gradually and make near permanent improvements in metabolism. With regular green tea diet and exercise you will see more significant results than somebody doing exercise without green tea diet.

After you have reached your target weight, it is advisable to keep using green tea for its antioxidant properties.

Make a suitable diet alteration

Diet selection is a very important part of any weight loss program. It is common sense that you have to cut heavily on rich and high calorie diets. What is more important is what you add to your diet. You can select some of the following, but not all at a time.

  • Salads
  • Sprouts at least 2 days old
  • Plenty of seasonal fruits

Rest, rest and rest

Take sufficient rest. When we start a new program, we are stressed physically and mentally. That is  the “psychology of change”. Body needs to recover properly before we take up any thing new, or resort to the next session if exercise. Without proper rest, it is very unlikely that we will continue the program for a longer period.

Be aware of your negative emotions

It is natural for one to develop negative emotions while on a weight loss program; be very watchful. During stress, people prone to obesity generally fall back on their old junk food habits.  Find out ways to relax mentally and entertain yourself without indulging in eating spells.

If you are on a green tea diet during this, the “Theanine” in it will create a soothing effect on your constitution and will give you a feeling of well being. Enjoy your green tea weight loss!

With this what you need is a strong determination and a bit of common sense.

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