Prudent Use of Green Tea to Lose Weight

by admin on November 19, 2011


If you are planning to use green tea to lose weight, read this article carefully. You will understand  why green tea is effective in enhanced  metabolism and weight loss, what is the single most powerful of green tea antioxidant and how to formulate an efficacious and safe weight loss program.

A slim and trim body with correct “height to weight ratio” is the dream of all men and women to-day. It has so many reasons, starting from the feel good factor to social acceptance, self esteem, appeal for the opposite sex, good health and  success in career are to name a few. It seems, there was no better time for the weight loss  fad, in the history of mankind, than now.

To maintain their dream body, the “hasty few” do not even hesitate to risk the side effects of some of the weight loss pills and diet programs available in the market. Everything has its price. The side effects of fast weight loss diets catch up with you fast, but it is too late by then.

What is the real fitness Mantra?  Invest in your health now, don’t pay for it later. What you pay later is always many times more.

It is beyond doubt that green tea contains ingredients that stimulates thermogenesis.  Green tea extracts burn fat and increase weight loss.

Drinking Green tea alone may not give you the weight loss you are looking for. If you combine green tea antioxidants with a balanced nutrition and exercise regime or any  food programs for weight loss, it will surely be the best weight loss program you are looking for. Remember, general principle of any exercise program also applies to your “green tea weight loss” program.

Let’s see, why people give up their fitness programs halfway.

Everybody who starts any such program, keeps three things in mind.

  • Starve: Consume low caloric food
  • Sweat: Burn more calories by rigorous exercise
  • Shrink: Keep measuring periodically

weight loss exercise

What happens when they start with these fixed notions?

When we start with a drastic change in our habitual diet, our “lizard brain” picks up the anomaly and triggers a distress signal and prepares auto-suggestions to correct this. Our lizard brain is responsible for recording, memorizing and maintaining the physical patterns of our activities. It keeps muscle memories, food habits, addictions and timing of daily activities etc in record. When there is a drastic change in the physical sphere, it is the first one to resist and give us an emotional distress warning. It is no wonder that we return to our old habit patterns ultimately.

The second and simultaneous resultant we face is, we stop loosing reserve fat.


We have our body defense mechanism. When brain senses that our calorie burnt is more than our calorie intake, it stops burning of fat. To make up the calorie loss during exercise, we have to ultimately lose away muscles.

With every passing day, we keep burning our muscles and guess how we feel? Weak!  These sort of programs are destined to be given up.

What’s the solution?

  • Our bodies store up fat differently for different people. All are not equally and uniformly wired for such things and  basically there are three types of bodies. One has to understand what works best for him/her and prepare his diets and start with that first.
  • Basing with your weight loss objective, you have to decide your exercise types and duration.
  • Chalk out your resting hours. Without sufficient rest/sleep you are going to develop stress oriented problems and some times you may be really sick.
  • Chalk out a liquid diet plan. You have to increase your water intake to detoxify your body. With increased metabolism, there is an increase in creation of body toxins.
  • Fix your green tea intake. On an average 3 to 5 cups of green tea decoction is ideal. Addition of milk and sugar neutralizes the antioxidants, so take it plain.
  • You can use other green tea extracts or pills  available in the market, but check the percentage of EGCG before buying(minimum 50%).
  • Start slow, pick up speed slowly. You know what a jerk can do. Ever stood on your “Brake Pedal” when your car is speeding on a highway?

If you just do the things mentioned above, you can make the most effective use of  green tea to lose weight.


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