Green Tea in Weight Loss

by admin on October 31, 2010


Good health popularly means an acceptable height to weight ratio in one sense. The result is shaping up to good health or shedding weight etc. But, does that mean we are enjoying good health? Good health is not limited to weight alone!

With a standard body weight, if some of my body functions are malfunctioning or partially functioning, can I be called healthy? Or if I develop disease, how can keep my ideal body weight?

The ancient Asians focused on all-round development of the body and body functions and called it a healthy state of body. I love the concept! What about you?

Solution to Obesity

The modern life style, the food available at eateries and the stress of day to day life makes us prone to obesity. That’s a fact. It is also a fact that we are aware of  it now;  we all want to look and feel good. Then what’s the solution? Focus on   weight loss alone  or focus on an all-round  development and a healthy body?

What about a GREEN solution?

Going to a gym and losing some extra pound my be an immediate solution, but that is not going to work permanently, we all know that. As we keep on growing, we develop a life style gradually where we can hardly afford time and energy and even MOOD to go for exercise. Exercise and diet go hand in hand, it is a known fact. But what  diet is suitable for us?

Do we know that body chemicals are responsible for mood swings? Means our emotions are controlled by our state of physical health.

Is it not better to invest in a diet which builds a naturally healthy body in the long run? I feel it an emphatic YES, what about you?

We as living being can not assimilate inorganic food. Whatever inorganic compounds our body needs are better assimilated when extracted from living sources, specifically better from plants than animals. Then what about sprouts and salads, seasonal fruits in our diets?  Think it over. It helps in  weight loss naturally.

Presently, tea and especially Green Tea has attracted our modern attention as a natural and healthy drink.  The benefits are not a hype, these are facts.To believe it one has to use it. It affects health very positively and naturally without any apparent side effects. There is extensive research on its benefits, you can find it anywhere.

Wish you a happy weight loss!

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