Green Tea Extracts: The Infalliable Benefits

by admin on November 10, 2011

If you know about  free-radicals and antioxidants, you can understand the benefits of  green tea extracts.

The main reason of popularity of green tea is its anti-oxidant properties.

Let me explain it a bit.

We all age in course of time, but people who lead a stressful life, age very fast. People who are additionally exposed to high environmental pollution, even age faster. The average age of wrinkling of skin has come down to approximately 30 in stead of 60.  The age for greying of hair, menopause, heart attack etc., which were old age symptoms, are common in young people now-a-days and  it does not surprise us any more. Even eating our balanced diet does not help much, in this regard.

Why do we age so fast?

We all know that we need the 6 major ingredients in our food, such as, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Mineral, Vitamins and water. The recent finding say that, those are not enough. We need certain other compounds called phytofactors for good health and long life. If we don’t take these micro nutrients sufficiently, not only we age fast, we also develop killer diseases such as cancer, obesity and diabetes, and many many more.

The metabolic process of our body keeps working to meet various demands, that our life style makes on our body. The process of assimilation of food itself is no less demanding. So, as a byproduct of  normal metabolic process, our body constantly produces numerous free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that possess unpaired electrons. These unstable molecules are cellular killers, even capable of damaging our DNA. Free radicals are capable of creating  oxidative damages, corroding cell membranes, damaging or altering biochemical salts in the cell or destroying the cell completely. Our body deals with them by anti-oxidants.

Here the role of green tea extracts comes into play. The anti-oxidants or catechins are found in highest concentration in green tea. They minimise  the chances of high blood sugar and blood pressure, heart ailments and cancer. They can  boost the production of immune  cells too.

Advantages of green tea extracts

They can provide more antioxidant protection than drinking green tea decoction.

Different brands of green tea may have diffrent antioxidant levels, but green tea extracts are standardized, so, the amounts of antioxidant protection is measureable.

It keeps your energy level up without any side effects.

Safety of green tea extracts

As per standard estimates, green tea  is the fourth most popular dietary supplement in the US. Though these are widely considered to be harmless, it may have side effects if used inappropriately.

Read the following extract from the site:

“Recently, regulatory agencies in France and Spain suspended market authorization of a weight-loss product containing green tea extract. The reason? Hepatotoxicity concerns. Case reports were evaluated according to the Naranjo causality algorithm scale. Clinical pharmacokinetic and animal toxicological information indicated that consumption of green tea concentrated extracts on an empty stomach is more likely to lead to adverse effects than consumption in the fed stomach.”

How to choose a Supplement.

Check the levels of catechin and EGCG content, usually specified as a percentage; the higher the number, the better.

Some cheaper products on the market do not use a standardized extract, so, check before buying.  These products must contain enough active ingredient to offer you the desirable benefits.

If they are decaffeinated formulas,   green tea extracts must have the full potency of antioxidants.



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