Green Tea Extract

by admin on June 25, 2016

The health benefits of green tea are nothing new. It’s a normal characteristic of green tea and that’s why many people love it. We have known so many advantages of green tea from natural antioxidants to its therapeutic qualities.

But have you ever wondered what green tea extract is?

Green tea extract is obtained from the leaves of camellia sinensis. This is a plant from which black, oolong and green teas are made. Green tea extract is basically the juice from the leaves, hence the term ‘extract’. It means that the juice had been taken or extracted from the leaves to get its healing properties. Once the extracts have been obtained, the end product is in the form of green tea dietary and health supplements, pills, cosmetics or beauty and skin products.

Green tea have always been associated with health so what exactly are the health benefits that we can get from green tea extract?

First and foremost, green tea has caught the attention of western scientists who conducted their study and led to conclusion that green tea is known to possess antioxidant properties that help the body cleanse toxic wastes and protect itself from various health conditions. Green tea also has therapeutic properties that can potentially heal certain types of cancer. It binds specific enzymes to obstruct cancer cells from growing and multiplying. If you want to keep an ideal waistline, you will be happy to know that green tea has principal components that help burn fats, thereby assisting in the body’s thermogenesis, a process of generating heat. This is an important factor in burning body fats to reduce heart disease that doesn’t have any side effects.

Another health enhancing component of green tea is called bioflavonoid. Once ingested in the body, it fights against free radicals that have disease-causing traits. Green tea also contains EGCG which serves as the body’s shield against digestive and respiratory infections.

Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer can drink green tea because it provides chemicals that blocks estrogen production so it cannot further stimulate the development of cancer cells. Women who are avid green tea drinkers and have been drinking large amount of this beverage throughout their lives before reaching the menopausal stage will have the lowest form of severe breast cancer should they get sick with this condition. If they decide to undergo treatment, there is a less likely chance of a recurrence.

Another important benefit that you can get form green tea extract is protection against arthritis. This condition can be extremely painful and have almost literally left a lot of people immobile. Green tea can help alleviate the condition by preventing inflammation of the joints.

Green tea has more health benefits than you can possibly imagine. Pay close attention to the fact that it is a natural plant and so chances of possible side effects are lessened. If you’re ultimate goal is to stay clean and healthy, the healthy goodness of green tea extract will surely hit the spot.


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