7 Ginger Tea Benefits That Will Surprise You

by admin on December 18, 2013

Ginger tea benefits

Ginger, a light brown colored root, is very popular among foodies for its aroma and taste. Its main use is as spice because it stimulates the test buds and enzyme secretions. It profoundly affects the stomach and  intestines in a very positive way.

The use of ginger as a herb comes from its properties to nourish and relax. Ginger tea benefits come from its rich content of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Copper, Silica, plenty of antioxidants, and few other very important minerals in small quantities. However, to tap the beneficial effects of this root you must know how to prepare ginger tea.

You may wonder, how a common food item may have such medicinal properties! Homoeopathy has a medicine exclusively prepared from Ginger. In western as well as in eastern “Materia Medica” Ginger is an acceptable herb. To tap into the herbal benefits of ginger herbal tea lovers use Ginger in many of their tea recipes. Many common tea drinkers  use it in their everyday cup of black tea too mainly for its taste and aroma.

Benefits of any herb can be divided into two main types, cooling or soothing and warming or exciting. Ginger falls into the latter category, it warms up and excites. It also soothes, but the calming effect follows from its warming up property.

The benefits provided by this herb are numerous, but I have pooled them into the following 7 broad categories.

Immunity boosting

If every change in weather, place or life style makes you sick probably you need to work on your immune system. There’re times when our immunity system needs an overhaul. This  is indicated by tiredness from least mental and physical exertion, melancholiness, and desire to shun all social contact.Take a good cup of plain ginger tea or one with ginger as the main constituent. This will help strengthen your immunity dueto the high antioxidants content. If you know about ginseng it will make you to sit back to know that ginger is very similar to the ginseng root.

Improves stomach performance

Asians, especially Japanese and Chinese people use warm herbal tea during meals. This seems more like custom, but it’s more than that. Warm drinks improve gastro-intestinal activity and enhance the function of other associated organs with the digestive system. If you want the truth value of this statement, do an experiment on yourself. On a warm day drink ice-cold water during and after food.

Now to ginger tea benefits on your stomach, it considerably enhances digestion. This is not about a single meal or chronic indigestion; you can have the improvement for a longer time. You get relief from  dyspepsia- chronic indigestion.

Improves blood circulation

Herbs that enhance metabolism, work on all systems of body. A regular consumption of a cup or two of this tea can have better blood flow and better functioning artery and capillaries.

People with complain of hypertension or high BP should start with moderation or consult a doctor if there’s discomfort or increased BP.

Fights respiratory problems

People develop respiratory complains when there’s a season change. When to exposed rain or sudden cold weather some also develop flu like symptoms. Try out a hot cup of pure ginger tea or normal black tea with plenty of ginger. It will immediately bring warmth and perspiration. Within short time symptoms like common cold, cough and associated discomforts will be relieved. In chronic respiratory complains you can get gradual amelioration of discomfort with this herbal tea if taken regularly.

Reduces inflammation

Inflammation may come from chronic or acute causes. Acute symptoms come from either contusions or concussions to limbs or body,  or eruption of boils. Inflammation is a body process to repair broken tissue or to throw out toxic deposits in deep tissue; however, the process is very painful.

Chronic inflammation comes from similar states caused due to disease. Arthritis like states and hypertrophy of any organ are examples of such cases. Ginger tea is very efficacious in ameliorating pain due to such states. It helps to apply ginger juice soaked bandage to such areas whenever possible.

Relieves menstrual discomfort

Some women develop cramps in lower abdomen during monthlies. This may come from excessive menstrual flow or from bearing down pains. If this is a regular thing seek refuge in a cup or two of ginger tea during periods, but don’t overdo it. Additionally, you can use ginger fomentation on the affected area for a couple of minutes with a warm towel soaked with ginger decoction. That’s going to relieve the cramps and other muscular discomfort.

Ginger also has a known property to improve fertility. Women with fertility issues can benefit from this herbal tea too.

Relieves stress

This herb has very calming effect on body. Stress induced due to mental trauma can be easily relieved with a cup alone. For rejuvenation after a stressful day you can use this herbal tea. Chronic stress comes due to high levels of toxicity in the body due to disease. In such a case our body operates in partial emergency mode. The strong aroma and calming and healing properties of this herb is going to help relieve you if taken regularly.

A good cup of Ginger tea doesn’t come easy. To get all the benefits you must pick up the best root and prepare it well. You must know how much root to use per cup and how to make a wonderful cup of ginger tea.

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