This is a weight loss program where you eat regular food. Curious? Read on…

If you are in search of any effective food programs for weight loss or a weight loss program with food, you must go through each word mindfully. This might be a major turning point in your weight loss efforts, if you desire so. By the time you reach the last line of this page you will at least know why most of the weight loss programs:

  • Either fail to take off or why all most all such programs fail in the long run even if they so promise in the starting weeks.
  • Why most of the people abandon the idea half way.
  • Why most weight loss pills do nothing in the long run, except punching a big hole in your pocket.
  • Why the real truth is the exact opposite of what you had been listening from the diet industry.
  • Why you will never achieve your desirable body by worthless supplements, dangerous surgery, by staying hungry or by killing yourself in the Gym.
  • Why burning fat is not necessarily to be torture…if you choose so.


  • Why this simple 4 step program is all you need to gain the body and looks you so earnestly desire…
  • How to gain the sudden burst of energy you have long forgotten.
  • Whether you want to lose 100 pounds or that stubborn last 10 pounds, you can start immediately.

Ok, Let’s begin.

We all want to feel good and healthy. We all also want to look good , because we all judge others and are judged by others by our looks first. We want to lose unnecessary weight.

Any effective weight loss program with food, has two important dimensions, Diet and Exercise.

Some give primary importance to diet, and some to exercise, but, anybody with little common sense can understand that diet is more important than exercise.

You may ask why? Let’s see an example…say… Running.

For achieving any target,  runners have to start with a particular type of training, the time duration of training may depend upon the state of preparedness of the runner. He/She may scale it up as he/she keeps training. But the shoes that are suitable for their feet depends upon their feet type… or you may say their over-pronation, pronation and supination. Same way, the exercise regimen for all those who are into weight loss may be same, the only variation being the training  duration, but the diets that are going to work for each of them depend upon their body type.

So, diet is the most important part, that is why all weight loss programs prescribe for a low   calorie  diet. Sadly, nothing can be worse than that for your body.

The truth or scientific fact is… when we use a low calorie diet to starve the body into weight loss, our body goes into its emergency preservation mode and  stops losing fat.

The result?

  • We start feeling weak.
  • We neither lose fat nor weight.
  • We start losing muscles to compensate our daily energy requirements.

This strategy never works, because:

  • We give up the program instinctively, because when we feel weak, we know there is something wrong.
  • After a few weeks, actually we start gaining pounds.
  • As the process is reversed, our body gets deformed; more fat and less muscles.

Now let’s check up this simple food program for weight loss, yet the most powerful fat burning system.

It involves a little known body science(Given by Mr. Sheldon). When exercise is combined with certain types of  food proven to skyrocket body metabolism, it produces a fat torching system.  This system is capable of transforming your body in 7 weeks.

What Mr. William H. Sheldon discovered, almost 80 years ago, was… there are 3 distinct body types and they all burn calories and store fat differently.

Do you know that the naturally skinny looking people use the same system knowingly or unknowingly?

Do you know that this is the secret that Hollywood celebrities and professional models use to keep their bodies in such photo ready condition?

Why don’t you know it yet?

Tell me honestly… do you think the diet industry is interested in giving you a secret which will make all their products obsolete? You know the answer!

food programs for weight loss dietThe requirement of  any food programs for weight loss is to prescribe the diet that is suitable for you and only you. If you pursue a diet plan not suitable for you,  you are in the wrong side. This inappropriate diet plan can cause you to lose more muscle than fat and you may suffer from the skinny fat syndrome. You may weigh less but you will not gain power, you will feel and look weak and mushy. You are not going to achieve permanent weight loss. That is certainly not your  goal!

So, what is the take away then?

  1. There is no single food plan, that works for everybody. The “one size for all” diet simply does not exist!
  2. That’s the reason why so many weight loss programs have been epic failures.

Did you know… there are 50,195 diet books listed in Yet, you know, none of them can work for every body type. That is physically impossible.

How long it will take you to read all 50,000 books and find out the right type of diet for you? I guarantee, you have better odds of winning the next World Series of Poker. Yet so many people buy every diet book and fall into depression when non of them work.

Do you know that the claim that “fat runs in certain types of families and they can never lose weight,” is a lie? Anybody of any age can lose weight with correct  type of diet and exercise.

All it really takes to guarantee your result is to…

  1. Identify your body type
  2. Eat the right fat burning foods in the right quantity

That’s what you will find in this food programs for weight loss,  “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.” The same system is used by countless athletes and bodybuilders, but the best part is, you do not need to train like them… not even close. When you feed your  body with what it wants and the way it wants, your body rewards you with a fired up metabolism that melts fat off like candle wax under a blowtorch.

The best part of this food program for weight loss is, it will:

  • Never stop working for you(No Plateaus)
  • Never leave you Hungry(You eat more because you burn more)
  • Never go out of date(It’s been proven for more than 80 years)
  • Work for all(Men, women, old people, young people, stubborn people and peopl who have given up)

If you have finally decided to lose some weight with out much fuss, you will love this program.

What is the price? It is $39.95.
With the 60 days money back guarantee,  you can try it risk free.
There are 4 Exclusive Bonuses Worth At Least $287.00 –  FREE!

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“Transform your body(Forever) in next 49 days” program is no empty claim. It’s the the exact same food program for weight loss  used by a quarter of a million  REGULAR PEOPLE to achieve quick and permanent fat loss. It is written by somebody who walks the talk.

The author Tom Venuto is a 7-time Natural  (steroid-free) Bodybuilding Champion, but you need not to be a body builder to get result from this system. He has helped many regular people for over 20 years as a trainer, gym manager and fat loss coach. He has authored more than 500 articles on fitness and nutrition and has been featured on over two dozen radio  shows including Martha Stewart Healthy Living (on Sirius Satellite radio), 1250-ESPN and WCBS-AM New York.

Recently he featured in Oprah magazine. I  don’t want to bore you all the details, but there are many many feathers on his cap.

food programs for weight loss diet


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